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General Gun Discussion / Re: At the indoor range this afternoon
« Last post by Alte Schule on Yesterday at 08:33:43 PM »
Update: SP 101 repaired & returned from Ruger for the second time. Cylinder replaced. Took it to the range today (no charge) and ran Buffalo Bore 100 gr 327 and .32 H&R +P  and the spent brass ejected W/O a problem.
General Gun Discussion / Re: When you snooze you lose
« Last post by Alte Schule on Yesterday at 08:20:54 PM »
DCD327 - I'll admit my knowledge of '03 Springfield's isn't the same as yours and I really do appreciate the advice.
Both rifles came from my one of the owners of my LGS and had been in her collection for close to 30 years. When they first opened, in a small office in a warehouse, they (her and her husband) were only open Tuesday's through Thursdays as they followed the Texas gun show circuit on the weekends. I've been doing business with them since '93 and found them to be honest and they have never tried to bulldoze me. I realize they are a business but their reputation is top notch. Shipwreck and a couple others on this forum can attest to that. Yeah their prices on some things can be 10 -15 % higher than what you see on line but if you count FFL transfer fees and shipping it's about the same plus I like to support local businesses. Another big plus is they do lay away. 25% for most customers far less for me and many, many times I've gotten some excellent deals on used firearms. 
She told me that she got the '03 as a trade at a gun show and before she bought it she had someone she trusted give it a once over. She guaranteed me that it wasn't a "Buba"  special and if I found out otherwise my money wold be refunded, no problem.
I was in the LGS this afternoon to pick up my repaired Ruger SP 101 .327 and get some range time (for which I wasn't charged) and saw that the 1917 Winchester was still on the rack but the '03 was gone. Fingers crossed that the customer will change of mind.....
Politics, Gripes, Complaints / Re:'s coming people - basic income..
« Last post by TXAZ on Yesterday at 07:40:27 PM »
... I came across this article about a similar program that Finland has been running for the past 2 years :

another part of the Finland article I find humorous is the assumption that "the right" likes the program....."which sees it as a possible route to a leaner, less bureaucratic welfare system"

Breaking news sports fans, Finland just admitted maybe it ain't such a great deal afterall:
Off Topic Discussion (NON FIREARM RELATED) / Re: The Hot Brass Dance
« Last post by satx78247 on Yesterday at 05:50:02 PM »

You mean to tell everyone that you only have TWO guns??? =  Perhaps a Daisy RED RIDER & a  RAVEN.25ACP??
(Those LEFTIST places are widely known for their outright STUPIDITY & utter FOOLISHNESS about firearms.)

Btw, I neither like nor trust DAMNyankees.

yours, satx
I find it interesting that Sportsmans Guide is coming out with their own brand of coolers.  Good timing.
Off Topic Discussion (NON FIREARM RELATED) / Re: The Hot Brass Dance
« Last post by DCD327 on Yesterday at 04:59:05 PM »
I was thinkin more like hitting a fresh fired brass from boomer  with a heat gun TXAZ.

Wont be nowhere near as hot as an M2 after firing off a box, But should give an idea of the bottom end of the temp.

Ive had  .50 brass from an M2 land on me before  too ,,,, not going there. LOL>
General Gun Discussion / Re: When you snooze you lose
« Last post by DCD327 on Yesterday at 04:35:19 PM »
I have collected 1903's for about 30 years. One of my favorite subjects to rattle on about. So um,,, yeah,, Im going to rattle on. Even if the OP already knows all this info,, there may be others that dont and possibly benefit.

They can get really tricky buying them. There are so many variants withing the 4 manufacturers, the normal gun collectors really dont have a clue if its a "military issue" correct rifle or not.

Also, They did alot of military arsenal repairs in the late 1920's & early 1930's,, and you need to be able to identify and arsenal repair or rebuild from  a " bubba rebuild  basement special". Arsenal rebuilds and repairs really dont hurt the rifles price and
 collectability, were as,, well,  a  bubba rebuild,,,,, :facepalm:

Ive seen what appeared too be a gorgeous Smith Corona 1903A3  on a rack,, only to realize it was a heinz 57  rifle someone built from all 4 manufacturers parts upon inspection. The normally smooth as glass action felt like it was full of sand. It had a Smith Corona receiver with a Springfield ( untreated)  bolt, and mostly Remington furniture with some Rock Island parts mixed in.

So the $1000 price was ridiculous. At best, I might have gave them $300 since it was worth NOTHING but as parts. The remington stock and hardware was my only interest.  Since the Smith Corona bolt was gone, that makes the receiver worth nothing. The Springfield bolt was worth nothing and I informed them it was NOT safe to shoot with that untreated  bolt.  They sold it the next day to some sucker anyway.  :afraid4: :facepalm:

Finding an UNALTERED original WW1 or WW2 military issue rifle is kinda the holy grail.
But they are so rare anymore, about the best one can hope is too find a "military issue correct" rifle  seems to be about as good as it gets. And since they are so rare, people are building them outta parts, as parts are still actually available. The sporterized versions, which was a huge thing 30 & 40 years ago, and only really worth about $300, are being bought up and parts out. The receiver and bolt is worth the $300 to me as long as they match. If the action is not smooth as glass, I still dont buy it.

So I wouldnt cry too hard over the "spilt milk". I seriously doubt the 03 was 100% correct. They are just too rare. And if it was 100% correct,, and KNOWN to be,,, the price would have probably been well over double the figure you mentioned. I figure its likely you just saved yourself from buying an overpriced parts rifle.

I have one I built myself outta parts hanging up in my den. Looks pretty impressive hanging there, bayonet and all, , but thats about it. And I did that because I wouldnt be heart broke if it was stolen. There is no firing pin in it anyway.  :P

I would highly recommend you buy BOTH of these books before buying an 1903.
The little yellow book is an absolute must, cheap to buy,  under $10,, and gives you enough info you can make a somewhat informed decision before buying. Has the variants with complete tear down, parts,  drawings, IDENTIFICATION marks, etc.  Plus the little yellow book can be carried in you pocket, glove box, etc,, its pretty thin and small.

The same outfit makes these little yellow book guides on most WW1  and WW2 military weapons. They are well worth collecting and reading. I got mine off Ebay for about $5 a piece.  I got most of the  set.

OH, and dont forget, there is a company in PA building brand new 1903 A3's AGAIN. And you can buy a brand new one for $1000.

They are no where near the quality or acccuracy of an original 1903,, but they go bang.

ANd their parts are now being used to rebuild older 03's also.
I cant remember the manufacturers name, but the two I looked at seemed like cheap thrown together stamped parts crap.
The LGS owner later took one to the range, and with 165 grain boat tailed spitzers, said the accuracy was horrible.  :facepalm: He owns the shop and wouldnt buy one. Thats pretty telling.
Politics, Gripes, Complaints / Re:'s coming people - basic income..
« Last post by TXAZ on Yesterday at 10:35:48 AM »
Screw Stockton, Bernie has a better plan
"A Federal job for everyone that "wants one or needs" one plus health benefits."

I asked our two mutts and both want a job and health care.  So does Terry our turtle, and Bouncer, the bunny that lives in the bushes.
Hurry Bernie, how do I sign them up?  You think doctors are expensive, $120 just to get the Veterinarian to greet you.
General Gun Discussion / Re: ..Vans vs AR 15s..
« Last post by TXAZ on Yesterday at 09:31:51 AM »
Maybe we should outlaw vans, cars and kitchen utensils. 

Politics, Gripes, Complaints / Re:'s coming people - basic income..
« Last post by busykngt on Yesterday at 09:03:40 AM »
Same philosophy the Ag Department had during the Obama Administration.  They were out there actively trying to increase the enrollment in the Food Stamp program.  In fact, they were bragging about how much of an increase they had successfully accomplished (rather than trying to get people off the rolls and become self-sufficient again).  Fortunately I think this trend has been reversed during Trump’s Administration. 
People becoming “dependent” on what the government doles out (welfare-wise) is just a form of slavery they fail to recognize as such.  What the government gives out, the government can take away!
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