Author Topic: HOW OFTEN DO YOU SEE ANYONE CARRYING OPENLY??  (Read 20749 times)

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« Reply #120 on: October 09, 2017, 10:29:58 PM »
I seen a feller OPEN CARRY BOTH Saturday and Sunday.

ME.   :th_thicon_lol:    I normally conceal, but we had 2 days of JULY weather and it was too hot to worry about it.

Now, given, we were at camp but driving through town. And I DIDNT get out of the vehicle in town.

But we went through Wendys drive thru and I was in the passenger seat.
It dawned on me the window girl was REALLY looking at my CZ.  :thinker:
We were dressed decent, in a nice vehicle. ANd when I realized she was staring, I said " THANK YOU VERY MUCH with a smile".

So I actually pulled a common sense boner I preach AGAINST. Here we are ,, AFTER a mass shooting, and I went to town with an open carry and some nervous nellie seen it.  :facepalm:

She didnt say anything and the cops didnt run us down,, so,,,.
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« Reply #121 on: October 10, 2017, 05:36:58 AM »
I usually conceal carry. Occasionally I will open carry around my place but that's about it. Last Saturday I helped at a wedding of good friends. Most of their guest were from out of state so, the bride and groom to be asked me, my son and my nephew to dress "Texas". You know, hat, boots, Wranglers, pearl snap shirts and all. Then the bride to be asked if I would open carry so that her out of state guest would get the full Texas effect. The boys and I were basically just directing traffic in the parking area. There were about 100 guest and I got a few "looks" but only one person engaged in conversation. She asked several questions like "and who are you?" and "What do you do" ect. She never directly asked about the 1911 on my hip but I could tell that was the reason for her inquiry. Finally, I removed my cowboy hat and my sunglasses and said " It's me, CJ, We sit on the same row every Sunday morning in church." She didn't recognize me because of the hat and glasses. Once she realized who I was she seemed much more relaxed. So, out of all the guest, the only one who seemed to question my open carrying was a local.
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