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General Gun Discussion / Re: A shooting meet?
« Last post by Domineaux on Yesterday at 11:24:46 PM »
Nice pics. It was great meeting everyone, and trying out each other's guns.
That binary trigger was far more "easy bump fire" than "fire when pulled and released" like I thought was the idea. Certainly fun.
The Coonan was sweet, and the .38 LCRx was as nice as I expected. Very happy to have had a chance to try them out.
Sadly I missed out on a lot, thank to the traffic around Huntsville...what a disaster.
General Gun Discussion / Re: A shooting meet?
« Last post by Shipwreck on Yesterday at 10:42:15 PM »
Thanks for posting the photos. Fun to see!
General Gun Discussion / Re: A shooting meet?
« Last post by Txhillbilly on Yesterday at 09:00:57 PM »
Not done yet -

Watching Sean shoot his Ruger 10/22 -

Pat shooting his 9mm AR -

A look at the rifle range - 100 - 200 - 300 yards -

200 & 300 zoomed in -

That's all I have.
General Gun Discussion / Re: A shooting meet?
« Last post by Txhillbilly on Yesterday at 08:54:23 PM »
More Pics-

Sean's (Tarosean) excellent arsenal. He has some very nice firearm's!

Sean watching Pat shoot a pistol -

Some of Old School's arsenal - They were very fun to shoot!

Some of my 22lr pistol's - S&W 22A w/threaded barrel , H&R 949 DA revolver and a Taurus Tracker revolver

Mike shooting my Kel-Tec PLR-16 223 Remington pistol -

Sean shooting my hand cannon - Taurus Raging Bull 44 Magnum -
General Gun Discussion / Re: A shooting meet?
« Last post by Txhillbilly on Yesterday at 08:37:38 PM »
It's picture time  :scream3:

Here's Mike (TXAZ) giving Pat (Alte Schule) some pointers about firing Boomer -

Old School in action letting one rip down range -

Tango's better half,Monica shooting my S&W M&P Compact 22lr with a Spectre II suppressor with Bill looking on -

Old School shooting Tango's AR-15 with the Echo trigger-

TXAZ's Tracking Point 6.5 Creedmoor -

My custom 6.5-06 with a Thunder Beast suppressor-

My custom 6.5 Creedmoors with suppressor's -

Mike shooting one of Pat's pistols -

Politics, Gripes, Complaints / Re: ..a gripe..
« Last post by Alte Schule on Yesterday at 05:22:01 PM »
Having a similar problem with Selway Armory. Was wanting to take my sons Super Blackhawk in .454 Casull to the meet yesterday so on the 8th I ordered some .454, .32 ACP for my new (to me) CZ 50 and some .45 ACP. Took my money and sent me an E-mail saying they would notify me when it shipped. Still waiting on that notification. Have ordered from them several times in the past and received it within 5 days max. I don't think it's asking to much to be notified of the delay and give me an approximate shipping date. Guess I'll be on the phone tomorrow. Ho Ho Ho!
Midway use to be my go to place but I haven't used them in a couple of years. I have found better pricing on a lot of things they offer by using AmmoSeek or one of the other bots. I did have to  to use their customer service once (screws not threaded for M Lok verticle grip) and they took care of the problem within a couple of days.
Off Topic Discussion (NON FIREARM RELATED) / ..Texans sure looked good..
« Last post by Tango on Yesterday at 03:20:06 PM »
 :th_thicon_lol: :th_thicon_lol: :th_thicon_lol: :th_thicon_lol: :th_thicon_lol: :th_thicon_lol: :th_thicon_lol: :th_thicon_lol:
Politics, Gripes, Complaints / Re: ..a gripe..
« Last post by 308nato on Yesterday at 02:49:15 PM »
I also put in an order with them on Dec. 4 th and it kept getting delayed with USPS and it finally got here last night at  7:30  in my mail box.
Never had any problems with them in the past , just has to be that time of year with the over load.
General Gun Discussion / Re: A shooting meet?
« Last post by 308nato on Yesterday at 02:34:21 PM »
I also thoroughly enjoyed myself. Thought I would show up and spend a couple of hours and ended up staying four.

Really enjoyed shooting Boomer. Felt bad about the tannerite not going off but yeah for my first shot I was pretty pleased.
Shooting Tango's .357 Coonan was a big mistake. Now I want one and I'm not a big fan of full size 1911's. I may have to go into hock to afford it though.  :th_thicon_funny: Shooting Bill's AR was also a big highlight for me.
I'm with Sean on TXHillbilly's suppressed .22. I'm going to put that high on my bucket list.
Dom: That M&P is a sweet shooter. Really impressed. Would like to take it to an indoor range and see what I can do.
Shipwreck: The weather cooperated for the most part. Real light stuff around 1:30 wasn't too bad. After Dom and Bill (Tango) and Monica had been there about 45 minutes the rain came. That was about 3:00 or so.

Bill: I put the LCRx back in it's case right before you arrived. I got it back out after Monica remarked how light the FN 5.7 was and wanted her to see how light the LCRx was and how it shoots. I thought everybody there had a chance to shoot it and thought for sure Monica did. Guess I got caught up in the other offerings out there. Always next time.

TXAZ: That's an interesting proposition. I've got a 8mm Yugo I wouldn't mind shooting. I want to wait until the sun starts warming the earth again. April or so.

Armed Texan & 308 Nato: Your presence was missed as well as your collection of firearms :frown:

I have a bad case of planters faciitis in my left foot ( and it was killing me yesterday so that was the reason I was limping around. The correcting surgery is pretty invasive so I'm trying a few other treatments first. Hopefully it will be corrected before we get together again.

I wish we could have made it there  cause we were looking forward to meeting everyone but the traffic was a real ball buster.
Next one for sure.
General Gun Discussion / Re: A shooting meet?
« Last post by Tango on Yesterday at 02:24:40 PM »

..Shooting Tango's .357 Coonan was a big mistake. Now I want one and I'm not a big fan of full size 1911's..

1st good luck with the foot problem/alt treatment.....

then, if you decide to pull wallet for a Coonazz I would suggest that you go with the Black Duracoated model with the Black Aluminum Grips (like mine).....I "had" 2 other Coonans - the 5" Classic and the 4" Compact but they were both the Stainless models with the "walnut" grips - I didn't care the the quality of the stainless and the "walnut" looked, to me, like construction grade plywood

and, tho Coonan includes a spring so as "to be able to shoot .38spec ammo" it doesn't !  The story goes that someone asked Dan Coonan about the inability to shoot (factory) .38spec he reportedly replied "if someone wants to shoot .38spec then they should buy a .38spec pistol" (and yet the company continues to tout that one can shoot .38spec - go figure)

but it matters not for me, I love shooting .357mag with it
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