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..5:12 to Paris (movie)..
« on: February 13, 2018, 06:07:43 AM »
have a buddy who said he and Wife went to a theater to see the Clint Eastwood movie (5:12 to Paris) - he related that the 3 Americans (2 Military and 1 civilian ??) were the actual guys from the actual event - and that the train was the actual train - and that some of the other people on the train were the actual people who were on the train when the event happened

I want to see the movie but will wait 'till it comes out on DVD, then rent from Red Box

GRIPE :  I heard or read that some lib politicians are calling the movie "a disgusting Military recruiting movie"

of course lib jollywood/washington doesn't like Clint Eastwood (and I used to wonder why I absolutely hate liberals.....)
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