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The End is near :bangheadonwall:

No sir.  But the fight is growing. On both sides.
Off Topic Discussion (NON FIREARM RELATED) / Re: Dom's Turn .
« Last post by TXAZ on Today at 07:30:13 PM »
Happy Birthday young man!
And many more sir.
Off Topic Discussion (NON FIREARM RELATED) / Re: Dom's Turn .
« Last post by TXAZ on Today at 07:28:29 PM »
Happy Birthday young man!
HR7115.  Bans 80% lowers, gun parts online sales, requires that all firearms made by private individuals since 1968 be taken to an FFL and have a serial number assigned to them for a fee and more

It's time once again.   Call and email your Representatives and Senators!  Get ready for more.  This is simply the first of many threats.

Elections actually do have consequences. With the Democratic sweep of the house, they wasted no time in proposing Draconian anti-second Amendment legislation.

It was introduced by Frank Pallone Jr. Sponsor. Representative for New Jersey's 6th congressional district. Democrat.  No surprise there. 

A lot of my clients and friends tell me that we don't have anything to worry about because we hold the Senate and President Trump sits in the White House.

I constantly have to remind them that it doesn't take too many turncoat Republicans to flip and pass a bill like this and put it on the president's desk. We should  all remember that President Trump supported the 1994 and later the 2004 assault weapons ban and Democratic gun control not so many years ago.

I have been listening to people in the gun community tell me for years not to worry because the Democrats and Anti-2A groups are not "coming for your guns". These statements and beliefs are factualky i correct because the Democrats and the anti-second amendment groups have come out and plainly said that their goal is the confiscation of all civilian owned firearms.

Take the time to actually read this proposed bill. It is far reaching.   It would basically gut the entire firearms industry. Most people are very tempted to say that it's not as bad as we are making it out. That it doesn't really ban all that stuff. Well let's look at what this bill actually does.

This bill bans, either directly or by implication the following:
1.  Machine gun parts kit
2.  Assault weapons parts kit
3.  The marketing or advertising of such castings or blanks and kits on any medium of electronic communications,
4.  Prohibition of advertising do-it-yourself assault weapons.
5.   Requires homemade firearms made after 1968 to have serial numbers,
Other items banned due to the briad definitions in this bill:
A.  Triggers, hammers,
B.  bolt carriers,
C.  springs,
D.  stocks,
E.  bolts,
F.  barrels,
G.  rails
H.  Muzzle brakes and flash hiders
I.  Magazines
J. 80% lowers and frames
K.  3D printed firearms and parts

"the term assault weapon parts kit means any part or combination of parts designed and intended to enable a consumer who possesses all such necessary parts to assemble a semiautomatic assault weapon;

"the term machinegun parts kitmeans any part or combination of parts designed and intended to enable a consumer who possesses all such necessary parts to assemble a machinegun or convert a firearm into a machinegun;"

Read and ponder the two definitions above.  Let that sink in.  Then try and convince yourself that everything, every part, that goes into building a semi-automatic rifle pistol or shotgun would not be affected by this bill.

The ban on Advertising through any media will be enforced by the Enforcement by the Federal Trade Commission.  So the Liberals are bringing in yet another Federal agency to regulate Firearms. Think about the mess that the batfe has made of firearms regulation.

If a firearm was made at home after 1968, it will have to be taken to a local FFL and given a serial number. Think about that. Everyone who has Hilton 80% lower, or made something from scratch, will have to go pay an FFL to register that and give it a serial number.

Democrats continue to push the “assault weapon” narrative. The Modern Semi-automatic sporting rifle and other semi automatic firearms are not assault weapons.

The use of the term Assault weapon" Is a simple, yet powerful emotional plea.   It's effective in deceiving people.  Remember, we have let the Democrats take over the language of the Second Amendment and they use their own words to scare moderates into thinking that guns are bad. That is why we NEVER, as gun owners and second amendment supporters, use the word assault weapon unless we're talking about a true machine gun.

Once again, the anti 2a Democrats are testing the waters and testing our resolve as gun owners and 2nd Amendment supporters.

They want to see if our Resistance to anti-second Amendment legislation has wavered after all these years.

Make sure that you call your congressman and your rivers and let them know that we are aware of what the Democrats are trying to do and that we oppose it and will remember their choices at the next election cycle.

The title of the bill:

"To prohibit the sale, acquisition, distribution in commerce, or import into the United States of certain firearm receiver castings or blanks, assault weapon parts kits, and machinegun parts kits and the marketing or advertising of such castings or blanks and kits on any medium of electronic communications, to require homemade firearms to have serial numbers, and for other purposes."

Track it through thus website:

Contact your representatives and senators:

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Off Topic Discussion (NON FIREARM RELATED) / Re: Dom's Turn .
« Last post by Alte Schule on Today at 05:13:01 PM »
I see you survived another year. Congrats :smiley054:
Off Topic Discussion (NON FIREARM RELATED) / Re: Dom's Turn .
« Last post by Shipwreck on Today at 04:47:36 PM »
Happy Bday!
Off Topic Discussion (NON FIREARM RELATED) / Dom's Turn .
« Last post by 308nato on Today at 04:39:34 PM »
Hey Dom looks like you are up next, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. :beer1:
Up for sale or trade is a pair of Blue LOK slim grips for a CZ-75 SP-01. If picking up locally, buyer/trader must meet in Converse, TX.

Retail price is $64.95 plus shipping; I am asking only $45 shipped, payment via USPS MO or cash -- NO paypal. I will also trade these for two gently used Mec-Gar model 'GCZ7519AFC' 19 round SP-01 magazines (17 round with +2 base plate).

These LOK grips are the slim + checkered variant and with 107 five-star reviews, they are an extremely popular model according to LOK's website:

They will fit members of the full-sized CZ-75 family including the 75 standard, the 75B, and 75BD, as well as the SP-01 family including the SP-01 standard, SP-01 Phantom, and the SP-01 Tactical.

Per LOK's webpage:
Quote from: LOK Grips
-Our grips are made from Phenolic G10.
-G10 is only 1/2 the weight of aluminum but nearly as strong with a grippier texture.
-G10 won’t crack or shatter, like the cheaper polymer and acrylic grips are known to do.
-The color is dyed into the material, so scratches aren’t an issue.
-G10 grips will last a life time under normal use.

These grips may be a bit dirty on the back/underside of the panels as the previous owner was lax on gun cleaning, but they do not affect performance and should clean right up. No mounting screws or O-rings are included, just the grip panels themselves.

NOTE: Obviously the pistol itself is NOT for sale, but if you want to get a better idea of how these will look on an SP-01, I have a pictures of them installed on this one here.

General Gun Discussion / Re: Friday Gun Porn
« Last post by SC-Texas on Today at 09:56:33 AM »

Zero'ing with the scope caps on has got to be a bitch hitting the target!
Lol. Yup, except he had clear caps

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