Author Topic: Texas elected official gets misdemeanor, accused of berating a teen girl wearing  (Read 669 times)

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Texas elected official gets misdemeanor, accused of berating a teen girl wearing Trump T-shirt

An elected official and Moms Demand Action member in the Houston metropolitan area was charged with a misdemeanor Wednesday for allegedly berating a young teenage girl wearing a Trump T-shirt.

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Taunting little girls waiting in line to buy cookies. At a church no less. Glad the story went national. People like this have no soul.
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She should also be required to take a tollorence class and one on anger management.
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typical leftist pig - someone needs to grab her by her p---- (maybe that's her problem..nobody grabbing her by her p----)
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I'm thinking Kelly(e) Burke (the adult who berated the girl) is actually a guy in drag, unless that a shadow and not a suppressed adams apple.

What do you guys think?


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Kelly Burke sounds like a rather typical LEFTIST piece of "garbage wearing clothes". = She deserves losing her job with the council & being barred from seeking any other office, imo.
(For starters, I have little patience with vulgar-talking women & especially to a woman, who is hateful to minors.)

yours, satx

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Makes me really wonder sometimes at the level of stupidity in some people.

As a politician of some kind -- even one so far down the totem pole as her -- should be religiously obsessed with public perception and their own personal image. In what universe did this woman ever seriously think that as an elected official, this sort of behavior was okay, or that she'd get away with it? Was some kind of sick, twisted feel-good fantasy playing in her mind, in which she verbally destroyed this kid to rapturous applause, before striking D.T. down with a heart attack from the sheer ferocity of her glare?

This is the kind of behavior I'd expect from a stereotypically mustache-twirling villain. The individual quoted at the end of the article is right -- voters at the polls need to totally decide what happens to this lady, and now thanks to her own silliness, her political opponents are going to have a field day with her.