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Gun News & Laws / Re:'s why I don't like the idea of..
« Last post by Darkpriest667 on Yesterday at 11:38:10 PM »
I still think teachers should be armed. This guy was showing his gun in a safety demonstration. I think if teachers would carry without any other teachers or students knowing it would be safe. I mean I carry everyday and even my family (that know Iím carrying) donít notice. I just donít like it that every where I go I can legally carry but when I go to work (at a high school) I have to leave it in the car.

Seconded.. I carry everywhere, except at work (highschool) it makes almost no sense. No one would even know I had it.
« Last post by Txhillbilly on Yesterday at 06:54:29 PM »
Sounds like you need to shove a couple of boomer's spent case's up someone's rear end.   :thumbsup1:
Ammunition / Re: Malaysian 7.62x51 surplus
« Last post by 308nato on Yesterday at 03:39:30 PM »
When I had my M14 I shot  a lot of different milsurp 7.62x51.
Portuguese = good
S. African = very good
Malaysian = good
There are several more but can't think of their name right now  but stay away from
any from South America as they don't do a very good job of storing  it down there.
Politics, Gripes, Complaints / More Dimocrat Quotes
« Last post by busykngt on Yesterday at 02:57:33 PM »
Opps...didnít come across as links.

Try copying / pasting them into an email and then copying them from there, into the form.
(as text)
Politics, Gripes, Complaints / More Dimocrat Quotes
« Last post by randyjaco on Yesterday at 02:53:53 PM »
Sorry, I couldn't get them to copy




Handguns and Revolvers / Re: Finally got my Brigadier
« Last post by pistolpete on Yesterday at 11:20:58 AM »
I've always wanted a 92G. I finally sent my 92FS slide to Wilson and had it converted to decocker. Now I learn that Beretta has a kit to do it for about 50.00. Either way, I got mine. Not as sexy as a Brigadier tho.
Handguns and Revolvers / Re: Why the trend to striker fired pistols?
« Last post by pistolpete on Yesterday at 11:15:37 AM »
Could be related to or any combination of:
  The real reason is that Mr. Glock is one heck of a salesman with a pretty good product. Heck, I'd even buy one if it had a safety on it.
Ammunition / Re: Malaysian 7.62x51 surplus
« Last post by AKM-47 on Yesterday at 09:47:30 AM »
I will look it up and see if some YouTuber has shot it

I tried finding videos on you tube, but all I found was videos on shooting surplus ammo.... no county or type

Let me know what you find

General Gun Discussion / Re: What was the last gun RELATED item you bought?
« Last post by dred on Yesterday at 08:48:27 AM »
I heard that the new 2.0 trigger was better that the original? I guess Iím glad I didnít buy the 2.0 then. Thought about getting the 2.0 shield or the glock 43 for my new pocket carry weapon.

Well, I just pulled out my trigger pull guage and ... i confirmed my disdain.  Let me explain how a 4lb 6oz trigger can fail to excite me.  It is absolutely light enough.  But, it is NOT consistent - my guage measured everywhere from 3lb 3oz to 4lb 11oz over the 10 pull average I just reported.  That much variability makes it pretty darned difficult for this masher to predict a break.  In the shop before I accepted the pistol I did 5 or 6 pull and resets.  I was only on the third pull when I realized I'd already found the reset in two distinctly different locations.  Yes, the feedback is tactile and audible, but ... on the rental m2.0 I used to evaluate the pistol (45ACP version 'cause that's what Texas Gun Club had with the thumb safety), I managed three (yes, THREE) double fires in 50 rounds fired.  It seems that the ability to break directly off the reset was not part of the M&P design spec.  After that trial, I began looking at CZs.

Everything changed when I chased down @Domineaux and dry fired his competition pistol exactly three times.  His Apex trigger did not suffer from willy nilly reset or maybe-so/maybe-no breaks.  I ordered my M&P at my next opportunity - CZ who?  With a good trigger, the M&P is an exceptional pistol.

Yes, a 4lb trigger that may be a 3lb 3oz or a 4lb 11oz trigger is crap.  I never measured anything in the 5lb range, so it is light.  Everyone on the interweb confirms it's much lighter than the 1.0 version.  I just think these net reviewers are 1911 deprived; clearly, they don't know what they are missing.  There is a reason I waited to weeks to actually shoot the pistol after watching buckets full of reviews.

I don't mag dump.  But, I will do a controlled rapid fire.  If I'm going to double tap or Mozambique Drill - I train to break directly off the reset.  I'm not a fan of the extra trigger finger travel required to fully release and then load back up to the break.  I talked to Doug at Apex yesterday and I was warned that the kit may make the feedback disappear.  That's scary but, the kit comes with heavier carry springs and heavier still duty springs that can be mixed until I get what I want.  I figure no fault of Apex that Smith delivers the pistols with so much variability.  It seems Smith already knows that their civilian customer base has little concept of a decent trigger.

The second issue was the curvature on the factory trigger.  It needed to go.  The factory trigger feels like it is pushing my finger upwards because it wraps around and contacts the bottom as well as the pad of my finger.  It wouldn't be a problem if I had skinny girl fingers, but I have man fingers on man hands, so ...
Gun News & Laws / Re:'s why I don't like the idea of..
« Last post by Axxe55 on Yesterday at 08:33:33 AM »
i think teachers and faculty being armed in schools is a good start, and a good option. i don't think it's the only step that should be taken, but one of possibly many that need to be taken. i'm for it, as long as those who would be carrying have met certain qualifications to be able to carry inside the schools.
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