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General Survival Discussion / Re: Financial Prepping
« Last post by Darkpriest667 on Today at 09:30:03 AM »
Curious you have 0% in cryptocurrency and 10% cash. I teach economics and finance and holding cash is basically lighting money on fire. As an investment it is truly terrible as it will always lose to inflation.  I was not a big fan of cryptocurrency myself until last year, but my investment in it has made almost 600% and my vanguard ETF has made 6%.

Whoa whoa whoa. I'll admit first off that I'm completely out of my depth here, but I've heard other more knowledgeable people saying counting on cryptocurrency is foolhardy -- it's 'speculative', which, if I'm taking the explanation to mean what I think it means, the value of it goes boom or bust practically on a daily basis; it's usually in very small amounts relative to the value of the dollar, but there have been cases where it's tanked practically like a stock market. From what I've seen, the value does in fact fluctuate a lot, and it seems like if someone cashes in a whole bunch, the value tanks. How is it a steadier commodity than cash or gold, particularly if electronic forms of payment will be 99% likely go 'bye-bye' along with electricity in a SHTF scenario?

Because cash always loses to inflation. Even speculation wins eventually unless the commodity or thing you are speculating becomes worth 0.  Cash is only good for liquidity (meaning you need to buy or invest in something NOW.) It is worthless as an investment because it is constantly losing to inflation. That's first year finance stuff.
I worked a a transmission rebuilder for over 30 years, 10 of which was running my own shop, before going to work in a prison. I worked for several shops and quit them all because 99 percent of them had one thing in common - they were sorry thieving criminals. They would sell people parts they did not install, or even repair a linkage problem, clean the pan off and the bolts around the trans and charge for rebuilding it. It was bad! When I had my shop I had to bear this burden and was accused of all manner of rip offs I did not do. But that's beside the point. I'm sorry this happened to the OP and don't really know how you could prove anything, but I would sure file some kind of complaint about it.

I've never known transmission fluid to turn gray, but I haven't seen everything I guess. Good luck, and one other thing, as far as disconnecting the battery ( not stealing it) I did it on every car because that would make sure no hot wires you had to disconnect for the starter or elsewhere would ground out and burn the car and your shop down.

Funny thing later in the prison I was asked about tranny work all the time and even what it was like working in that field. I always said that most of the people I worked for should have been locked up in here!
Politics, Gripes, Complaints / Re: Any well wishes?
« Last post by satx78247 on Today at 06:44:56 AM »


yours, satx
Introduce Yourself / Re: New from TN CCR Refinishing
« Last post by Shipwreck on Today at 06:08:37 AM »
Welcome to the forum.

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Politics, Gripes, Complaints / Any well wishes?
« Last post by busykngt on Today at 03:55:06 AM »
...after the book FLOP...

Number 3 on the New York Times Best Seller’s list for nonfiction. 

Now you can argue that it should be classified as ‘fiction’, but...
Jest sayin’....

[And of course it IS The NY Times...]
Politics, Gripes, Complaints / Re: Any well wishes?
« Last post by Alte Schule on Yesterday at 11:58:45 PM »
Vodka & Percocet is a hell of a combination.
How much Vodka and how many Perc’s would you recommend for her?
Well I'm not an MD and I don't play one on television but if I was to take a WAG (Wild Ass Guess) I would think for her size and body weight with the large buttocks I would recommend four-five shots minimum of Grey Goose and two Percocet to be stumbling. For a self induced coma double that. But, of course, that would all depend on her tolerance level.
Now if cheaper Vodka isn't a problem I would recommend the American made 375 ML Smithworks or Fleishmanns. Don't ask me how I know this just trust me.There are some flavored vodkas out there but I wouldn't know about those as I do have standards.  Same amount of Percocet or 4 Tylenol #3.
The LCR/LCRx line has been pretty good for Ruger I would think. Just wish they would add another 1" and a half to the barrel on all the LCRx models and introduce an LCRx in .357.
I did like shooting the LCR in .327 FM though. Shooting in low light the .115 gr. Gold Dot and the 130 gr. Buffalo shot a flame about two feet out. The .32 H&R Mag +P is a decent round but I bought the gun to be a primary EDC with .327 FM. Was very disappointed when it didn't work out. Hoping for better luck with my Springfield EMP.
Politics, Gripes, Complaints / Re: Any well wishes?
« Last post by DCD327 on Yesterday at 11:25:56 PM »
I STILL think she suffered a SEVERE OUTBREAK of "Crown Royal"   :th_KO:   after the book FLOP  ,, AND  all the questions about comparing billy boy to fellow PERVERT  harvey weinerstein,,  :bangheadonwall: ,,,    :th_thicon_funny:

poor poor hilly,, :th_nuts: ,,,,

NOT,   :rocknroll2:
Politics, Gripes, Complaints / Re: Any well wishes?
« Last post by TXAZ on Yesterday at 11:24:09 PM »
Vodka & Percocet is a hell of a combination.
How much Vodka and how many Perc’s would you recommend for her?
Its a heavy trigger.  But she got used to it right off.  I really didnt. She shoots it better than I can. 

The 327 FM is PERFECT , for what I use it for. In the big heavy Blackhawk, recoil is minimal,, but LONG RANGE accuracy is awesome with the 100 grain AE. 

My son loves the 4 inch SP101 with the 85 grain AE, and he can keep it in the black 8 inch ring @ 50 yards no problem standing unsupported. Since that gun was being a safe queen,,and we didnt see him for Christmas,,  he now owns it.

The Other boy likes to carry an auto like I do,, So he got a NIB Beretta 92 FS. Since he is military, that worked out great. 

But I think for a fella that reloads,, the 327 FM can have some really good SD rounds loaded up.
But yeah,,,, they need tamed down a tick.
I think the 327 FM in an LCR , or LCRX, would be more of a reloaders SD sidearm dream.

That CZ Phantom is a seriously NICE pistol. Ive been eye balling one, and just damn near put one in layaway jail last week.
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