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These are just a few of my signed things I've collected - this is far from everything....


General Gun Discussion / Re: A shooting meet?
« Last post by Shipwreck on Today at 11:21:26 AM »
Post pics, or it didn't happen....  :icon_wink:
General Gun Discussion / Re: A shooting meet?
« Last post by TXAZ on Today at 10:05:54 AM »
Just arrived at Bucees. 
Headed to Range in5 min
General Gun Discussion / Re: A shooting meet?
« Last post by Txhillbilly on Today at 09:34:44 AM »
I just got down here. I stopped at Bucee's to send this post, but I will just drive over to the range.
See ya'll in a little while.
General Gun Discussion / Re: A shooting meet?
« Last post by ArmedTexan on Today at 08:35:02 AM »
I’m loading the guns up and getting ready
naw, don't fly and haven't since retirement (it used to be that anything with less than 4 engines scared the hell outta me (B 707) - so was apprehensive when I had to go to the DC 10 and the B 727 (both 3 engine'd, of course) but now-a-days they're flying across all ponds with just 2 - yikes)

did own a crop duster (for tax purposes) but didn't fly it and later sold it to Sam Walton

I recall when dropping off the Spurs - at a hanger area not at the main terminal - that all their "rides" (wives/gal friends (boy friends ?), etc were allowed on the field - and that was at a time when airport security started getting so intense - just didn't figure  :frown:.....guess celebrity status has it's privileges
naw, wasn't me - been retired since '99 and never did damage to anything - what airline was it ?
Inwant to say it was an AA charter at that time.
They are currently Delta I believe.
My office is just up from the Signature FBO they (Spurs) use to depart. You should see the area during playoffs especially when they have won road series. People lined up for a good ways to”get a look”.

Do you still fly? I manage an aviation parts distributor here in SA.

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Handguns and Revolvers / email from AIM Surplus..
« Last post by Tango on Today at 07:22:31 AM »
saying they've got Star BM 9mm pistols for $199.95.....and.....Bulgarian Makarov pistols "starting" at $269.95

(and please, I could care less if you can find 'em for less - I'm just relating what they've put out.....)
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