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Introduce Yourself / Re: Houston Days... 1960's
« Last post by Domineaux on Today at 01:41:49 PM »
Welcome old timer!
Got any of the 03 crates left? I'll take a dozen!
Introduce Yourself / Houston Days... 1960's
« Last post by ajellydonut on Today at 01:25:16 PM »
Spent my young years in Houston... selling guns at Oshman's Wholesale Division...not the retail stores. Later selling retail guns at Globe Discount City at the Bellaire location.  I'm so old I remember selling new Winchester Model 70's at $59.95. Your choice of Standard or Featherweight.  How about crated Springfields 03-A3  for $19.95.... un-issued.  Some could accept a Peterson Device !   SUCH MEMORIES , now in my eighties.  Wonder what today' s bargains are?
Politics, Gripes, Complaints / another idiot gets a gun
« Last post by TXAZ on Today at 01:08:28 PM »
The correct title of this thread should be "another idiot gets a gun"
Politics, Gripes, Complaints / Re: ..another idiot gun owner..
« Last post by AKM-47 on Today at 12:43:43 PM »
I've had trucks parked in front of my driveway before, I would just go ask the worker(s) to move so I could get out

Outdoors / Re: 820 LB wild hog shot in a guys yard.
« Last post by AKM-47 on Today at 12:37:14 PM »
See what happens when you don't have a .50 have to resort to what is essentially a spitball against a Hogzilla.

The difference in Boomer and this guy is for a target that big, Boomer can easily drop a Hogzilla  out to a mile, still be stable (supersonic) and 3000 ft lbs energy for a clean kill.

Looks like a good use for a .50 API round .... even through there would be nothing left of the hog
Politics, Gripes, Complaints / Re: Are you a Conservative?
« Last post by Army 1911 on Today at 12:36:54 PM »
[quote author=Darkpriest667

I bet most of you folks saying "take away some but not all" are also baby boomers, the same generation of spend alls that has voted in the jerks that robbed the trust fund and set up medicare.   Of course you'd vote not to have the welfare programs taken away. You're the one that robbed the Xennials Xers and Millenials blind so that you could live fat.  Meanwhile the rest of us are left to clean up the financial mess.

Actually, only one or two years at most of the baby boomers were eligible to vote when LBJ got the SS trust open to congressional larceny.  It was the "greatest generation" that did that.  Voting age then was 21.
Politics, Gripes, Complaints / Re: Are you a Conservative?
« Last post by Darkpriest667 on Today at 08:30:58 AM »
There's actually a very simple solution that has worked for many countries:
Allow high inflation to dilute the monetary base. 
I have 100,000,000,000 in Zimbabwe dollars to prove it.

I understand inflationary debt solutions. The amount of inflation we'd need is actually very Zimbabwean... I have a 1 Trillion dollar bill from Zimbabwe I use an example in my classes on inflation...   The Europeans used it to pay us back for WW2.. Britain finished their debt payments for WW2 in 2009 ;-)
Outdoors / Re: 820 LB wild hog shot in a guys yard.
« Last post by DCD327 on Yesterday at 11:29:27 PM »
So ... how much bacon does one reap from 820 pounds of hog?

ZERO lbs  on this one.

The story says they throwed it out and saved the head w/ 6' tusk for a mount.

They claimed it was too hot outside and it hung all night in the heat.

Dunno, a WILD hog that old that had never been grained up might have been pretty rank and  tougher than an old boot.  :P

Outdoors / Re: 820 LB wild hog shot in a guys yard.
« Last post by satx78247 on Yesterday at 10:42:59 PM »

WHY am I not surprised?? = BOOMER will do the job, for SURE.

yours, satx
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