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It's NO more complicated than this: We USA citizens need a law passed that PROHIBITS any criminal from bring a civil action against anyone for the direct or indirect consequences of their own criminal CONDUCT.

Further, we need LOSER PAYS, as this would STOP many nuisance suits in its tracks.
(One of my old boarding school chums was sued for damages because the plaintiff injured himself,  while breaking into my buddy's summer house near Caddo Lake. - Yes, the case was "dismissed with prejudice" but my chum had to hire a lawyer & wasted a lot of hours on this FOOLISHNESS.)

yours, tex
Another... Optimus Prime frame up job  :th_thicon_lol:
another.....sign of the times
You don't mess around like that and try to pretend to be a Transformer. It's just not the right thing  :thumbsup1:
Starbucks robbery suspect may sue 'Good Samaritan' who subdued him

The mother of a man who police said attempted to rob a Starbucks in California, but was thwarted by a Good Samaritan, reportedly said her son plans to sue because the hero used "excessive force."

The video of the July robbery went viral. Police released the footage showing Cregg Jerri, 58, struggling with a would-be robber in a Transformers mask who tried to stage a hold-up with a knife and toy gun at a Starbucks in Fresno.
General Gun Discussion / Re: Friday Gun Porn
« Last post by SC-Texas on Today at 12:36:50 AM »
Friday was the first nice, comfortable day at the range that we've had since the end of April. The perfect day for sighting in one of the rifles. 

I used some Surplus 147 grain NATO 308. Got what I believe or a couple of respectable groups for that ammo

Friday at the Range:  The POF P-308, w/ the Steiner R1X, Dead Air Sandman L with the Rifles Only HAD suppressor cover in the Kopfjager Reaper Grip.  Using the spotting scope camera mount to film what I'm shooting.

The new Steiner r1x had no problem hitting a 12in plate at 100 yd when zeroed at 50m. I'm going to see what ranges the lower four red dots correspond to at a later date

Enjoying a new cigar.   A Drew Estates Muwat Kentucky Fire Cured cigar. It had a different taste to it. But it wasn't bad at all. Sitting on top of a Vortex Razor Gen II 4- 27

The POF P-308, w/ the Steiner R1X, Dead Air Sandman L with the Rifles Only HAD suppressor cover next to the Remington 700 w/ magpul bottom

Box of awesome. Day, night long and short distance!

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Rifles & Shotguns / Re: .22 cal. USMC rifle
« Last post by satx78247 on Yesterday at 05:37:11 PM »
Carl Jarnecke,

The .22 rifle may or may NOT be a US Marine rifle.

USMC in a lot of US Government purchases if the abbreviation for UNION SHOE MACHINE COMPANY.
(LOTS of "smart people"  have gotten "stuck" buying things marked with: USMC.)

yours, satx
Rifles & Shotguns / Re: .22 cal. USMC rifle
« Last post by Shield45 on Yesterday at 05:07:55 PM »
Rifles & Shotguns / .22 cal. USMC rifle
« Last post by Carl Jarnecke on Yesterday at 04:48:27 PM »
I am wanting to know about a .22 long rifle with the letters USMC on the barrell.  It has a serial number. How can I find some information on this gun.
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