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..range report..
« on: March 20, 2017, 01:29:15 PM »
2 firearms that I hadn't shot took a ride with me to my local indoor range this morning - my Bond Arms Snake Slayer and my Colt AR w/it's newly installed binary trigger

Snake Slayer :
4 1/4" barrel in .38spec/.357mag - .38spec was as easy as pie - absolutely very manageable - I shot 2 rounds of .357mag and those will probably be the last of those I'll shoot with this pistol (ouch) - was shooting to 7 yds and from the looks of the paper target the rounds appeared to have "tumbled" (both .38spec & .357mag)

3 1/2" barrel in .410ga/,45LC - shot only .410 (no desire to keep .45LC ammo in stock) - very manageable with slugs and shot - a fairly good pattern at 7yds - about 1 1/2' for most pellets - will continue with this as my primary "work around the property" sidearm

also, nothing about the pistol could be classified as "really accurate" - center of mass = ok, but no points for real accuracy

Colt AR 5.56 w/binary trigger/RDS :

this is the one that I've really been wanting to shoot and have a 1 word report - AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME (well, 3 words) - I wasn't able to do an "ammo dump" (that I'll do sometime in the future - at a range that will allow me doing so) but I was able to fire off groups of 2, 4 & 6 and I've gotta say it again, AWESOME - I haven't shot anything comparable since leaving the Army in the '60s ! - this will be my new nightstand companion, along with my G24

if ya can, locate one and shoot it
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Re: ..range report..
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2017, 02:30:35 PM »
Ive been looking at getting a Windham Weaponry A 4 GVT, ( 1:7 twist )  20 inch.  They are the closest I found thats GVT spec AND available to me. Stag makes one, but it has the wrong twist  (  1:9  ) for a GVT spec 20 inch.

The DPMS ar's I have run fine, no problems, but they are carbines. And after lugging around an Colt M16 A2 for 6 years, they kinda grow on ya.  These carbine dont come close to the accuracy we got from the M16,, although, these new Ar's will run better when dirt & carbon get involved.

Alot to be said for a good old Colt. I dont know it the new stuff is as good as the old though.
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