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Man that's gotta suck. Glad everyone could walk away. Something to be said about driving large pieces of american steel.
Cars, Trucks, Bikes, Atvs / Re: One just wasn't enough
« Last post by Alte Schule on Today at 01:13:28 AM »
Back in my day (60's & early 70's) 7-8 seconds 0-60 times were considered fast and anything over 400 stock horsepower was limited to just a few models. When my buddies modded '70 Mach 1 302 ran a 6.8 0-60 time it was a big thing in our small town.
Nowadays 7 second 0-60 times for most cars is below average. Off the dealers lot several current makes and models can hit sub 4's and mid 5's 0-60 times. That's coups, sedans and some pickups. But I bet most of ya'll knew that. :th_thicon_idea:

15 Romeo:  :this_thread_is_worthless_with
General Survival Discussion / Re: ..sorta, kinda "survival", maybe (?)..
« Last post by JohnnyDollar on Yesterday at 10:38:16 PM »
We have wireless cameras installed as well,

Both inside and outside.
it's nice when I am not home to be able to check the safe, the TV room and the garage interior and garage door.

They are set to detect motion and will e-mail me photos when motion is detected.

I can open/close the garage door, control lights and the thermostat remotely,
or even if I'm in bed and want to adjust the thermostat.

As for UPS/FedEx, I know what time they usually make their deliveries,
so I can open my garage door, they will deliver packages inside the garage when it's open,
then I can close the door after they leave.
General Survival Discussion / Re: SHTF/bugout rifle backpack
« Last post by TXAZ on Yesterday at 10:20:52 PM »
Amazon has quite a few rugged packs.
Here's what I'll carry Boomer in when SHTF:

i'd be happy if someone shot them all.

the few i've ever seen were COVERED (as if dipped in a 5 gallon bucket full) with fleas.
Off Topic Discussion (NON FIREARM RELATED) / Re: F.F.F.F. Get the picture?
« Last post by Ranger99 on Yesterday at 09:48:56 PM »
that took a LICK to bend that ball shank like that.

i'm surprised (and happy!) you're able to post this
General Survival Discussion / Re: SHTF/bugout rifle backpack
« Last post by Ranger99 on Yesterday at 09:43:47 PM »
You can always go with a surplus medium ALICE pack with a frame.

Holds lots of stuff, made in USA, pretty sturdy.
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ THIS ^ ^ ^ ^
they're hard to tear up. both of mine were well used when i got them
and they'll likely both outlive me. they're not the most comfortable,
but they are the most durable. and they don't have 9,000 and 1/3
pockets you don't need for crap you shouldn't be humping anyway.  :th_thicon_idea:
Introduce Yourself / Re: Geezer from Lewisville
« Last post by Ranger99 on Yesterday at 09:39:37 PM »

great bunch of folks here
Cars, Trucks, Bikes, Atvs / Re: One just wasn't enough
« Last post by dred on Yesterday at 09:08:04 PM »
Pretty dam cool to walk out and see 2 mustangs sitting in the driveway

I did it back in '82.  Had a 64.5 coupe and a 65 convertible in my parents driveway before selling the convertible to finance my 66 Fastback.  My mother didn't think it was cute or cool in her driveway.  She even rotated me into her side of the garage so I could get them pretty before parking them in front of her house.  At any rate, I had the 66 built by the time I turned 16.  I washed a lot of dishes (worked at a nursing home) starting at 14 so I could have wheels.  I started talking about what sort of car I wanted at 13 and my father asked me who I expected to pay for a car.  I never answered and admittedly I expected him to buy me a car, but a couple weeks later, I forged his signature on a work permit (required under the age of 16) and started saving.

I've never had a Mustang newer than 1966, but ... a friend has a late model monster.  I will readily admit that it is easily faster than the fastback I built.
Cars, Trucks, Bikes, Atvs / One just wasn't enough
« Last post by 15Romeo on Yesterday at 08:49:55 PM »
So as yawl know I have a 2016 Mustang GT, well last Monday we added another pony to the stable. We picked up a 2017 Mustang GT/CS black on black. Pretty dam cool to walk out and see 2 mustangs sitting in the driveway, the hard part is to figure out which one to drive :P
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