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Off Topic Discussion (NON FIREARM RELATED) / Re: Your News sources
« Last post by Psyc on Today at 01:16:29 PM »

Its funny, I had the BBC on tonight.

They had some OBVIOUS liberal azzhole on there from the US telling some black british reporter about ALL the russain collusion evidence and the POTUS cover up, which he also had all the evidence for.
Collusion ,,,collusion ,,,collusion,,,, .

I didnt realize they had found anything.  :th_nuts:

I enjoy reading the diverse views of BBC, AFP, Xinhua, JPost, Arab News, RT and a few others.
BBC 'seems' to have a relatively balanced view of US domestic and non-UK world events.

Take a look at Xinhua, an official news source of the Chinese government.
It is probably the most sophisticated foreign source.
Their Spanish feed is slanted to be positive toward Spanish speaking readers.
Same for English, French, German and other languages. 
« Last post by Psyc on Today at 01:02:35 PM »
Clearly this is not as farfetched as some think:

How about Thomas Dewey of "Dewey defeats Truman" fame?

Remember some strange talking democrat from Mass. named Kennedy, who lost the popular vote in 1960 but won the electorial vote against Vice President Nixon?

Do you remember a peanut farmer named Carter, whom no one thought could win against Ford?

Then there was Reagan a democrat-turncoat and possibly too conservative governor, beating Carter, where the polls said Carter would be relected until the night before the election.

What about some junior senator named Obama beating Clinton in the primary (then McCain)? (Hillary was a DNC shoe-in, McCain was not.)

Anything is possible.
Don't get complacent.
Shotgun in a 64' Ford.
Painful ear wise.
Very painful.
General Gun Discussion / Re: Did anyone see. . .
« Last post by Psyc on Today at 12:45:52 PM »
Is there anyone who has a YouTube channel that isn't an expert?
Interesting personalities involved, if you saw the press conference, what do you thing?
Introduce Yourself / Re: New Guy Here
« Last post by Psyc on Today at 12:41:16 PM »
Welcome from Big D.
Now I feel old. I was 4 years old when it came out.

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LOL your still a pup.
I was pushing 27 in 88.

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Off Topic Discussion (NON FIREARM RELATED) / Re: 30th Anniversary of Diehard
« Last post by DCD327 on Yesterday at 11:44:27 PM »
I believe I may have ALREADY owned a 92F before the movie ,so he cant take credit for that. LOL.  :P

It had the square combat trigger guard .

If I remember correctly, the round trigger guard on the 92 was stopped in about 1985, but then brought back much later on the 90 - two. .

About the only realistic part of that movie was he fired about 30,000 rounds at bad guys and it NEVER jammed.  :P  :th_thicon_funny:
« Last post by DCD327 on Yesterday at 11:18:07 PM »
IMO, here is where I am at with all this.

The DNC had it in their heads that ALL democrat voters WOULD vote the party line no matter WHAT they did.
They assumed. And we all know that assumptions are the mother of all f ups.

I know many democrats. My area is rural, and my county has right at 162,000 registered voters.
We are split just about dead even between "R" and "D" with about 2K "I".
So about 80K for each.

When the numbers for the election came out, we had an all time record high turnout.
"R"s were 97%, while the "D"s were lower, the grand total was also a record with 91% total voter turnout.
Trump got 87% of the TOTAL vote.  :thinker:

These democrats here are NOT the braindead welfare, minority, libtard voter dumpocraps  the DNC figured would vote the party line.
Most are hard working CONSERVATIVE democrats.
Many people I know could really be either party. My wife as a prime example. She is either a really conservative "D", or a slightly liberal "R". I myself am more of a moderate "R". Some things Im super conservative, some things Im a little less stringent on. Alot of us, regardless of party registration, have the SAME basic morals and values about our morals..
Even at the polls, these people were so pissed off about the whole nomination of hiLIARy BUYING it, that they voted for Trump. Some, just out of spite, and some because they actually liked Trump.
I heard many that were really pissed off and being very verbal about it.
They just cannot believe WHERE these idiots in charge took THEIR party down the rabbit hole catering to ONLY minority groups.

This coming mid term is really going to be a litmus test for the "old school" dems.
We can only wait and see. But I believe, since I hear them talking about the really good things Trump has done, and is doing, they are very likely to vote on the "R" side of things AGAIN.

They already have been voting "R". The proof of that is PA is a "R" controlled state. Most of our local politicians on the school boards, township supervisors, etc, and "R"  Our local state rep won 96% of the vote. And he is a solid christain conservative "R". And he just dont advertise that, he lives it.
Right now we have a hilly/obummer/bloomberg sponsored Gov, but he was elected by philadelpia and voter fraud. Dont really matter in a way, he is a complete lame duck. The House and legislature have not allowed him to do much of anything. So he is trying to rule by executive pen like obummer did,, but they fight him tooth and nail.

I mean lets face it,, Trump was a know democrat for years, and sponsored democrats.
So he is an "OLD school" conservative  dem IMO, and many of the old school dems can relate to him.

Provided he dont screw up big time, which I just DONT see happening, I dont thing the DNC stands a snowballs chance in hell in my precinct of winning anything.
We are NOT san francisco or LA.

Voter fraud was the ONLY reason the dems had such a foothold in PA, ( New Hampshire was much the same ) and PA  had fraud stings two weeks before the election. Trump took PA.
The big hold up on election night was the DNC even had voting machines rigger/calibrated to give hilly the vote for anyone that voted "R" ticket. But this was known before hand also, and thats why York county ( a KNOWN "R" stronghold, had to recount all their votes. They had to go back and change all the "R" ticket votes to Trump, wich gave Trump the win in that county. .
I was advised when I went in to vote that a "R" ticket vote would probably vote for clinkton as it had already been caught and fixed several times.

ANOTHER scam they were running, they figured out, or calibrated the machines, that they could use fake ballots, even using "R" voters info, all they had to do was miss spell the name, change the address slightly, and the machines wouldnt catch it. So thats been fixed now too.

We have to either vote in our own district, or cast an absentee ballot. So NOBODY"S precinct should ever have more than 100% turnout.
philly and pittsburgh had precincts with 200% + to 220%  turnout. Thats just impossible. And the PA residents have been bitching for years about this,, but it wasnt until the threat of hilly as POTUS did they decide to do something about it.That was the reason for the voter fraud raids 2 weeks prior to election night. In both philly and pitt they caught teams of DNC people filling out voting ballots and piling them up to be entered on election day. The local paper said in one district in pittsburgh they seized over 30,000 fake ballots. Then they posted a State cop at the poll on election night.  :thumbsup1: The libtards screamed bloody murder, but NOBODY was listening.  :th_thicon_funny:

My State rep, who I know personally, tells me they are still tearing apart the layers of DNC fraud and fixing it so they cant do that again, including removing ALL diseased voters out of the system, which they found the DNC was also using.

They also caught the DNC using buses, and hauling voters around to vote at several precincts.
Also NOT allowed, but since the precincts were run by libtard dems, they allowed it.

They are ALSO talking about residence proof ID like New Hampshire just did. That kills their illegal non  resident college vote scam, illegal alien scam, and multiple time voting scam . The DNC really are getting the hell kicked out of them in PA.
So with the attitude of the old school democrats, and with them STILL cracking down on all the MULTIPLE LAYERS of voter fraud the DNC had rigged, they are hurting bad..

A couple districts in FILFHADELPIA will no longer decide the whole state.

I really look forward to seeing what the REAL PA voting numbers are during mid terms.
But I dont think, unless the DNC comes up with a decent moderate or conservative "D" CHRISTAN candidate, they stand a chance.
They have show a pattern of doubling down on stupid.
And the democrats around here are sick of it.
This looks like its almost a nation wide thing,,,, I HOPE.   :th_thicon_idea:

So while idiots like waters, pelosi, ellison, schummer, etc, can still get elected in their own major citys by the old means of DNC voter fraud etc, the Democratic party on the whole is loosing power really fast.

The DNC seems to be coming apart at the seams grasping at straws that just dont exist, or doing stupid stuff that only has  an even more negative effect on the old school dems.

Mid terms are going to be really interesting. 
« Last post by TXAZ on Yesterday at 07:54:57 PM »
I'm not too worried, but suggest we all remain vigilant.  As for the Democrats:

 - Bernie is splitting the party.
 - Poke-A-Haunt-SS is splitting the party.
 - Maxine the wack job has been publicly and privately censured by her colleagues, further splits the party.
 - Crazy / Smoked-too-many-joints Nancy Pelosi is fighting for her political life to hang onto her influence and job.
 - Diane Finestein just got dumped by the Kali Democrats.

 - Senator Shi+mur from NY literally couldn't keep his lies straight for the past weeks, and flip-flopped several times over Putin and SCOTUS nominee Kavanaugh.

The likelyhood of 'Democratic unity' in 2020 in national elections is a myth, unless there's a serious f-up by Trump.
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