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Wake Island(about an hour to refuel).
Hawaii -in 1956
Vancouver BC - on a week end binge while in the AF.
West Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Holland, Turkey, Egypt, Israel, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Argentina, Peru, Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, England, Ireland, and Scotland.
wow - 60 +.....and there's a new leader in the clubhouse
I have been in over 60 countries so far and still have a few more I want to see. The wife and I love to travel.
only Mexico and Canada a few times.
General Gun Discussion / Re: ..I've been wondering/open carry question..
« Last post by Axxe55 on Today at 04:18:45 PM »
it should never be us against them, as in those who prefer open carry, vs. those who prefer concealed carry. it should us against the bad guys and about as many as possible carrying, whether the choice is open, or concealed.

it doesn't bother me if someone open carries rather than carrying concealed. frankly, i don't even concern myself as to why they choose to do so. i figure it's their personal preference, and IMO, that is all that should matter.

personally, i think we should support any law abiding citizen that decides to carry regardless of whether they carry open or concealed. i support the right to carry. period.
in my younger and wilder youth, i think i even invented a few to add to list of the 7 deadly sins!  :wave1:

yep, i was guilty of all of them, and even several at the same time.
Gun News & Laws / Re: Buildin an AR
« Last post by Axxe55 on Today at 04:03:53 PM »
And, someone correct me if I'm wrong but, while you can't buy a pistol/other until the age of 21 you can own them. As in a gift from a family member.

Correct, including a private sale.
Also, you can buy a complete lower with stock.

i didn't include that as state laws can vary from state to state on private sales.

unless i'm mistaken, a person as long as they are 18 in the state of Texas, can possess a handgun, either obtained as a gift or bought in private sale. i would assume that applies to "other" as well, but i'm not 100% sure on that.
personally I think I've got "Sloth" to go

At one time or another, I've been GUILTY of ALL of those sins. = THANKS to The Eternal Savior that I'm FORGIVEN.

yours, satx
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