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Politics, Gripes, Complaints / Brett Kavanaugh
« on: Today at 05:57:40 AM »
Poor Judge Kavanaugh.

Grassley had a choice to make.  He could either elect to:
1) withstand a little criticism - which would have dissipated and faded as soon as Kavanaugh’s name would have gone in front of the full Senate for a vote.  Yes, “they” would’ve howled and barked, but it would have been short lived.


2) he could “act the clown”, trying to show “how fair” he was to people who aren’t.  He chose this route.  He chose to be played (multiple times).  And weeks later, Judge Kavanaugh’s name is still not before the full Senate for a vote.

Before the next Trump SCOTUS nominee comes up, Grassley needs to be replaced as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee with someone who is more politically astute.

Politics, Gripes, Complaints / Brett Kavanaugh
« on: September 22, 2018, 12:42:28 PM »
If Grassley will ever get the daxx,...darn thing out of Committee and throw it over the wall to McConnell, then maybe Kavanaugh still has a fighting chance.  But the longer Grassley mucks around with it, the worse it gets for Judge Kavanaugh.  At this point, I trust McConnell to handle it way better than Grassley has!

Politics, Gripes, Complaints / Brett Kavanaugh
« on: September 21, 2018, 09:28:01 PM »
How many of you think he will be nominated to the Supreme Court
Well technically, he’s already been nominated; he’s now undergoing the “confirmation process”.  But yes, ultimately I believe he will be “Justice” Kavanaugh.  The Democrats are just trying to delay and make the process as painful as possible. 

It’s been delayed until Oct 3rd.
Yep; saw that on the news tonight.  Seems like they were blaming it on the hurricane situation.

Your cell phone will receive a ‘Presidential Alert’ text message test next Thursday afternoon.

Most Americans Will Get the Same Text Next Thursday

Wait....wait...but he’s a college professor!  It almost sounds like you guys wouldn’t want him teaching the young impressionable minds of your children!

On a serious note:  that college needs to terminate his employment if they haven’t already done so.  If Nevada has one of those so-called ‘Red Flag’ laws, I know who the heck I’d be reporting!

I’ve seen a few episodes of it and thought it was well done.  However, I don’t go out of my way to watch it.  But then again, I’ve gotten so I don’t watch near as much TV as I did once upon a time.

Handguns and Revolvers / Re: What handgun is next on your list?
« on: August 18, 2018, 11:53:58 AM »
Been entertaining the idea of a .45ACP carry piece (other than a 1911 model).  I keep running hot & cold on the idea.  When I’m running hot on the idea, it’s usually between a Beretta PX4 Storm and the HK 45.

Handguns and Revolvers / Re: What was your first 1911?
« on: August 18, 2018, 10:51:37 AM »
The first 1911 I ever bought was a “used” S&W model 108282; a stainless 5” 8-rd from the original owner.  To say it was “used” is a little misleading - it had never been shot (other than the factory test rounds).  It has the original more narrow extractor (not their later ‘E’ Series). 

It’s a good looking gun but I did have a few FTE during break-in.  I made the mistake of mentioning this in the S&W Forum.  Immediately got jumped on about it being a ‘limp wrist’ issue (even though I had shot the 1911 in the Army).  I think it was more a break-in problem than anything else.  But S&W did later ‘beef up’ the extractor in their E-series.  I’ve toyed with the idea of sending the gun to their custom shop to have the ejector & extractor “tuned”.

Defensive Tactics / Re: Stopping Power
« on: August 17, 2018, 06:24:50 PM »
Yep...a mouse gun...
I know that’s *exactly* the type gun I’d want to use to take a shooting test! 

I’m not a firearms instructor and never had a desire to be one.  I was tasked with running a rifle (M-16) qualification range one time for some NG reservist that came in.  That kinda blind sided me but the Army had a book - a script to follow - that took ya step by step through the process.  And fortunately I had half dozen great NCO’s that kept me out of trouble. 

The experience I had at the CCW class got me to wondering and appreciate the difficulties the instructors have, being “caught between a rock and a hard place”.  By all rights, that lady next to  me shouldn’t have passed (my opinion only, of course).  She was basically, “unsafe” and to use TXAZ’s assessment, ‘scary’!  But I also know they paid the instructor ‘good money’ and with that, there’s the underlying expectation of getting your LTC at the end of the day.  I suppose the instructor did the best he could, under the circumstances.  I did hear him encourage both husband and wife to take a class and “practice more”. 

And IF Constitutional Carry ever passes in Texas (which I’m in favor of), I suppose that will make the licensing test a moot point to a large extent.

Defensive Tactics / Stopping Power
« on: August 17, 2018, 12:39:02 PM »
I missed a prime photo opportunity to make a great meme when I didn’t think to clandestinely snap a pic of the LTC target from the lady next to me.  This was a small CCW class several years ago and this lady attended with her husband.  Her husband shot ok; but nothing great (at least he was safe).  The instructor said something about my target and the fact he liked those that were easy to grade.  As I recall, I had one flyer keeping me from the max score.  Not sure I’d do as well today - after two cataract surgeries and one cornea transplant.  The husband made a comment about how I must practice a lot.  I said something about owning some land that did allow me to shoot some.

Meanwhile, I didn’t envy the instructor as he walked over to the lady’s target.  Her shots were quite literally “all over the place” (including a couple, not to be found anywhere on the target).  First sign to me was during the test, this lady struggling to reload at one point.  It was obvious she wasn’t very familiar with the pistol and certainly hadn’t practiced much.  The instructor finally counted enough holes in the paper to pass her!

Shame on her husband for not putting her through a beginning pistol class somewhere.  In the intervening years, I often found myself hoping that lady either got the training she desperately needed or had enough sense not to endanger innocent bystanders should the need to defend herself ever arise.

Defensive Tactics / Re: Stopping Power
« on: August 16, 2018, 12:54:48 PM »
Ship, that’s what actually motivated me to post the original video/study. 

I had just watched a series of videos by the guy who operates Thunder Ranch.  Most folks seem to have a great deal of respect for him.  But it’s obvious by his comments and presentation, he thinks the 380ACP is wholly inadequate as a self-defense caliber.  (He’s a 45ACP guy).

I carried a 380ACP for several years (due to job & dress code constraints) and I never felt I wouldn’t be able to defend my life with it.  Of course, I carried the best SD ammo available and always practiced double tap shots from the get go.  But that’s just ‘best practice’ IMO anyway. 

Defensive Tactics / Stopping Power
« on: August 16, 2018, 12:18:36 PM »
Personally, I didn’t see anything really “profound” in his findings or at least the conclusions that were drawn.  Rifles (& shotguns) tend to achieve better results than handguns (well... duh...).  And larger caliber handguns tend to produce the desired results better than smaller calibers (again, no earth shattering news there). 

Personally, I don’t get overly sensitive to the mechanics of such “studies” (unless the data has been obviously cherry picked).  A lot of the raw data is typically missing details and even when it’s relatively complete, there’s still a great deal of subjective interpolation that takes place.  I generally accept whatever criterion the author tends to define in his study; I just mentally track how that may impact his results or the conclusions he draws.  There is no such thing as “the perfect study” or the perfect grading criteria. 

Defensive Tactics / Stopping Power
« on: August 15, 2018, 11:34:16 AM »
Here’s yet another study - video released earlier this year - on firearm caliber verses “stopping power”.  It’s view is a little from the prepper perspective. 

Off Topic Discussion (NON FIREARM RELATED) / Where did May go?
« on: August 05, 2018, 09:26:37 AM »
My wife and I were having a discussion like this just the other day (okay.... it could’ve been a month ago). 

She was bemoaning the fact that half the year has already flown by.  (She’s younger than me by several years).  She didn’t particularly like my response, that it doesn’t ever get any slower! 🤭

Handguns and Revolvers / SIG Releases Civilian M17
« on: August 03, 2018, 01:15:51 PM »
P320 Sub-compact $380 from Brownells w free shipping, use coupon code: VAJ

Just FYI for those that might be interested:

Handguns and Revolvers / SIG Releases Civilian M17
« on: August 02, 2018, 10:30:22 PM »
>...modified and then sold for $1K plus. 

All, no doubt, legal and allowable costs.

Funniest thing I can talk about is the young man who came to Bell Helicopter one day - unannounced, trying to sell something.  He was a tall skinny kid, long shoulder length hair, tie-dyed t-shirt wearing a bandanna around his neck.  In short: a quintessential hippy-looking fellow (back during the day). 

The guards let him in once he opened the trunk of his old, beat up car.  In the trunk was a beautiful, fully functional streamlined fiberglass 50-cal machine gun pod with electronic targeting sensors he had developed.  It was ready to be put on a helicopter and demonstrated.  The “kid” had all the proper paperwork; everything was perfectly legal.... just unorthodox as hell.  A small contingent of Bell Helicopter managers and engineers were sent out to meet this “hippy”.    As far as I will say, things turned out pretty well for him.

Handguns and Revolvers / Re: SIG Releases Civilian M17
« on: August 02, 2018, 09:44:22 PM »
We were told we couldn’t do mixed lots due to the FAR’s in 80’s/ 90’s
That was just the default “safe” way to operate for most defense contractors back during the days of the $400 claw hardware store hammers, $800 toilet seats and $2300 coffee makers.

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