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General Gun Discussion / Re: New 1911 on the way...
« Last post by Shipwreck on Yesterday at 10:13:53 PM »
Very cool. Congrats!!!
General Gun Discussion / Re: Gun seller in town..
« Last post by 96fordsix on Yesterday at 10:06:54 PM »
Wasn't Gun Emporium the shop/range that is now Blackwood?
Fell in love with Princess Leah/Carrie Fisher....I thought she was purrrrrrrrdy.
I think it's kinda cool......but then again...I'm a little bit of a sci-fi fan.
Saw the first Star Wars when it debuted when I was 17.
Fell in love with Princess Leah/Carrie Fisher....I thought she was purrrrrrrrdy.
General Gun Discussion / New 1911 on the way...
« Last post by Countryside on Yesterday at 08:02:59 PM »
Even though Remington isn't highly rated as far as its 1911s are concerned, I have ordered the R1 Ultralight Commander.

I already own the R1 Carry Commander, and I have found it to be reliable.
I picked this one due to:
The price - I was working within a budget (under $700.)
The weight - hoping it'll be easier on the ol' hip after a full day of carry.
The bushing - has a regular bushing which I prefer for disassembly.
I'll post pics and give a range report when I can.
General Gun Discussion / Re: Replacing an AR-15 Bullet Button Release
« Last post by JohnnyDollar on Yesterday at 07:31:21 PM »
Only a democrat can remove it  :th_thicon_lol: :th_thicon_lol:
I think they are only allowed to install them.
Off Topic Discussion (NON FIREARM RELATED) / Re:'s Dinner time, so.....
« Last post by 308nato on Yesterday at 06:07:54 PM »
Sorry being late to the party,Happy Birthday  and many more. :beer1:
Handguns and Revolvers / Re: ..STAR MODEL BM 9MM PISTOLS..
« Last post by satx78247 on Yesterday at 05:25:02 PM »

At least this week J&G had the same Star BM pistols for 229.oo plus S&H.
(You may want to check with them, IF you want one of these NICE pistols.)

When I was "way down South" years ago, any number of our people carried/used the BM as their primary duty pistol & W/O problems of reliability.

yours, satx
FIREARMS (You must log in to view Firearms Classifieds) / Removed!
« Last post by GreenMan0352 on Yesterday at 05:24:56 PM »
I am on a cell phone, so it is harder to copy and paste my normal response. But please read classified rules. One must have at least 25 posts AND be a member for at least 30 days before they can post an ad in the classified.

Please read the rules!

Alright fellas, because my camera rocks these pictures are freaking gi-normous. Sorry in advance.

As you can see, for sale or trade is one "Buchiemer & Clark Co." left-handed draw OWB revolver holster. It is black, and appears to be genuine leather. The holster appears to be in fair shape, and retains its shape well -- note that I purposefully squeezed it open for photo #3 to show you that the inside has some revolver wear on it; might scrub right out with some saddle soap.

I couldn't pull up much information on these holsters; you may have more luck than I -- to that end, there is a model number stamped below the maker's mark that reads as follows: "B-01-289-14LH". The bottom ridge of the holster that would lay flush against the underside of the barrel/trigger guard appears to be 5 sheets of stitched leather. The top ridge where the front sight would be seems to be 7 sheets of leather. If I had to guess, this would fit a 4" revolver, as it seems too long for a 2" and too short for an 8". I have no idea what specific brand it was made to fit.

My sale price is $15, or trade for non-machine made cigar(s). :thumbsup1:
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